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Area History

Punxsutawney is more than a borough (or burrow) and its residents. Though the town is small, the school district which bears its name is one of the largest geographically in the state of Pennsylvania. For that reason, people from many surrounding communities feel themselves to be part of Punxsutawney.


One of our members, Dr. Marc Weimer, has devoted himself to compiling information concerning the history of Punxsutawney and its surrounding communities. He posted this information for many years on his personal website and we are happy to incorporate this material as part of our site.

Punxsutawney has a history rich in its variety of industries and ethnicities. That history contributes to what we are today and the dreams we harbor for the future.


Please contact us if you have material regarding Punxsutawney history or that of its nearby communities.

The area histories below will be added soon.

Local Towns

Punxsutawney Area

Punxsutawney | Jefferson County

Jefferson County Area

Adrian | Battle Hollow | Bell Twp | Big Run | Cloe | Coolspring |

Eleanor | Fordham | Frostburg | Gaskill | Knoxdale | McCalmont Twp |

Oliveburg | Oliver Twp | Panic | Perry Twp | Porter | Ramseytown  |

Ringgold | Robertsville (Onandaga Mine) | Sprankle Mills | Stump Creek |

Sykesville | Valier | Walston | Worthville

Clearfield County Area

Mahaffey | McGees Mills

Indiana County Area

Canoe Twp | Covode | Juneau | Marchand | Marian Center | North Point

Richmond | Robertsville (no longer exists) | Rochester Mills | Rossiter

Savan | Smicksburg | Smyerstown | Trade City

Armstrong County Area

Dayton |Echo | Eddyville | McCree | McWilliams | Milton | Noth Freedom

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