Photographs and Drawings of Punxsutawney Scenes

  • Jenks Homestead
    Located at the top of Jenks Avenue. This is a line drawing by S. Thomas Curry, retired local art teacher and former Director of our Society. 8"x10" prints are available from the Gift Shop.
  • West Mahoning Street
    Downtown Punxsutawney in 1951. The photograph was taken near the intersection with Gilpin Street and is looking at the north side of West Mahoning. It shows the old Ruth and Harry's location which is currently occupied by Roseman's Florist. Ruth and Harry's later moved towards Findley Street before closing in the 1990's. Neg. #48619
  • First car in Punxsutawney
    Owned by McKean Harl. This photograph was taken about 1905. We don't know anything about what kind of car it is. Some have suggested that it is a steam car. Note the tiller steering! Neg. #07848
  • Rubin's Auto Exchange
    In 1936 Rubin's was located across from what is now the Punxsy Plaza on West Mahoning Street. This picture shows new 1936 Oldsmobiles being delivered. Rubin's existed until the late 1970's. The site now contains an auto parts store. Neg.#31635
  • The Adrian Hospital
    Located at the corner of Jenks and Park Avenues in Punxsutawney. This photograph was taken in 1949 prior to the construction of a large addition to the front of the building. The Adrian Hospital was founded by Adrian Iselin of New York who gave $5,000 for the purpose. The first hospital building was erected at the Adrian Mines (in Delancey) by the Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal Company in 1889. Originally intended to serve the men working in the mines, it soon became a general hospital serving not only the people of Adrian (Delancey) but the people of Punxsutawney as well. Due to its popularity, that building soon became inadequate. It was decided to move the facility into Punxsutawney. The building pictured here was completed in 1898 with an appropriation from the Pennsylvania State Legislature for $100,000. Interestingly, in 1902 it cost $5 per week to stay in a hospital ward. A private room cost between $10 to $25 per week. Also of interest, the year 1901 saw the annual expenditure for medical supplies at $234.09 and salaries for nurses totaled $3,160.53. It isn't clear how many nurses were on staff that divided this sum. This building housed the hospital until 1975 when a new building was completed north of town on Route 36. The old structure was remodeled and is now occupied by Wellington Heights which is a personal care facility.
  • Punxsutawney High School
    Located on North Jefferson Street and known as the Jefferson building, this structure was later used as the Junior High School. The building pictured was built in 1907 and had an ornate tile roof. Right across the street are the Weber building and the Jackson building. The Weber building was built in 1915 to house the John A. Weber Manual Training and Domestic Science School. Four rooms were added to its second floor in 1932. The Jackson building was constructed in 1936-37. This entire complex has been replaced by the new Middle School newly constructed behind the Senior High School on North Findley Street. On the site of the former Jefferson building, now demolished, there is now a recreation center for a high-rise apartment building. The Weber building houses the Punxsutawney Christian School and the Jackson building and an adjacent structure house the Punxsutawney Area Community Arts and Recreation Center.
  • Carlino's
    At the corner of Gilpin and Indiana Streets, Carlino's was famous for good sandwiches. Photograph taken in about 1940. The Carlino building was built in about 1895 and opened as a restaurant a few years later. The building was purchased by James Carlino in 1918 and was known as "Carlino's" from that time on. The business suffered great loss during the 1936 flood when all the merchandise was completely under water. The grocery and lunch room were closed for three months. The property is now owned by I.U.P. and is part of I.U.P.'s culinary School property.
  • East Mahoning Street.
    Near the Pantall Hotel looking west in 1938. Note the traffic light in the center of the intersection. We've heard they were good for removing drunk drivers from the streets!
  • East Mahoning and Findley Streets
    This is Punxsy's main intersection in about 1908. The former Smart Shop's building is the second from the right. It looks much the same today.
  • Findley Street
    Looking north in about 1908. On the right is the current Punxsy Hotel. Many of the buildings up the street have been demolished to make way for a proposed Area Transportation Authority facility.
  • Punxsutawney train station of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad
    The year is perhaps 1910. No longer standing.
  • Passenger train at the station
    Photograph taken about 1905.
  • West Mahoning Street
    This scene from Findley Street looking west was from about 1906. A few of the buildings are still there, but fires have destroyed some of the buildings on the left side of the street. The Mahoning Hardware building (now the site of the newly-constructed Eckard Drug) was the one with the tower in the background.

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